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    CA Biznet is the network on which CAs and related Professionals come together to collaborate which in turn helps them to become Experts of their fields and get more efficient.

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CA BIZNet a tech company having a network of 2500+ experienced Professionals across the country.

Today we find big room for improvement in the way Chartered Accountants work. Sometimes it happens that you have lot of work on hand but lack sufficient resources. sometimes it happens that your resources are idle but no work on hand. Also it may happen that you have an inquiry for work but you lack knowledge for the job. Such resources can be time of the Chartered Accountant, time of his team members, office space, knowledge, expertise in a subject.

This is where CA Biznet comes into the picture, where we connect you to another Chartered Accountant who can help you to fill the gap and in this process both the chartered accountants benefit.

We have a huge database of Chartered Accountants whoes profiles are verified. 

Need for BIZNet

There are many areas for which clients approach chartered accountants. There are scores of laws and every day there are amendments and case laws in many of these laws. There are scores of areas of practice. A Chartered Accountant cannot gain expertise in each of these areas and it may affect their work delivery to their clients. It imperative that a CA selects only a few areas and become expert in it. This is where he will have to transfer the work opportunities to other chartered accountants. A CA needs to focus on few areas and should not take up each work that comes his way. Since he can be expert in reach area, consequently clients will suffer. 

CA BIZNet is a platform where a CA may find other CA to whom he can collaborate and benefit both the parties. 

It will also a CA to run a risk free practice. There is always a risk of non updation of knowledge in each area, risk of non delivery of work due to lack of required resources. 

Use of CA BIZNet will allow small CA firms to get expertise and required resources at lower costs and then they can compete with big firms easily.

Not every CA is comfortable getting into partnerships with other chartered accountants but that should not hamper his ability to have benefits of partnerships. CA BIZNet will help such chartered accountants to have same benefits of partnerships. 

Looking for Assignments

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If you have work on hand and need resources to help you to finish the work, please click here so that we can connect you to CAs who have excess resources.

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