Best Tips to Work from Home under Corona Crisis

As Corona virus is spreading widely worldwide, it has become essential to work from home.

As Corona virus is spreading widely worldwide, it has become essential to work from home. Many governments have made working from Home (WFH) compulsory for even private businesses. In many cities, transportation is reduced so employees find it difficult to attend office. So it has become necessary to understand pros and cons of working from home and also understand best practices of working from home. Employees should also cooperate by working from home till corona virus spread is controlled.

Today there are various tools available which have made working from home simple. These tools include communication tools like slack or microsoft team, cloud based softwares like zoho one, high speed internet available for everyone at affordable rates, cloud spaces like google drive or dropbox, etc.

Lets see what plannings and preparations are required for remote work.

Decide on the time schedule and also communicate it to your colleagues so that they know when you are available to them for coordination and discussions or status updates.

Set specific hours for work and set the schedule for the day when you will work and when you will take breaks and give time to personal matters or have leisure time or spend time with family.

Create a productive environment for yourself for working, select a place where you can avoid distractions. Select a place where you can focus on your work and your productivity is good.

Working from home may require you to have a budget for some expenses like high speed internet, sitting place and working table, a laptop or a desktop. You may decide to let your employer know about it and take reimbursement for it from office.

You will need to track your work and working hours when you are working from home. You may need to submit it to office or claim remuneration according to this data.

You will have make use of right technology so that you are more productive and effective in your work, like laptop you chose to work on, use of smartphone, softwares you use for working from home.

It is possible that you feel alone and separated from your team members and may be less motivated so make sure to be in touch with your team members regularly. Call them or chat with them and take status and updates.

Working from home has lot of advantages as follows

You can save on travelling time and cost. Today traffic is a big issue in metro cities and it waste lot of collective time of workforce.

You can save on office attire expenses. One can chose to work in clothes comfortable to him or her.

You can work as per your convinient time and take breaks as you feel tired.

You can spend more time with family members and multitask in home.

Working from home has lot of disadvantages as follows

For employers its difficult to track work and work efficiency can be an issue and they cannot directly track the work and working hours. It is difficult to separate home life from work life.

Working from home may result into people feeling disconnected due to social distancing. It is difficult to be connected and updated on important matters and communication may be affected.

There may be distractions in work which may affect work quality.


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