Grow CA, CS, Lawyers Practice with Networking

Its a fact that developing networking skills is essential for every professional. Considering this; In todays article, we will learn best practices of Networking in detail.

Networking is more about farming than hunting. It is also not about collecting maximum number of cards. Networking is about building new relationships and nurturing old ones.

In networking, one has to give first, to get back. If you are looking only to gain, then you will fail. One has to always look for opportunities to contribute to others, help others. Once they can see that you are helpful person, they are obliged to give you back.

Always show interest in other people, ask them questions about their business and where you can help them. In return they will do the same with you.

Always Remember, Your network is your Net worth. For Business to flourish, you have to build relations and trust. Business is all about people.

Look for good networking events and attend them. Carry enough cards and be well dressed and well groomed. Keep your business introduction ready and practice it well. Take initiative and speak to people. Take appointments for further meetings. Always follow up after the event.

We hope you found these ideas useful. Which one will you start following? Please write to us and let us know. Please share this video with your professional colleagues whom you feel it will be helpful. Kindly follow us on twitter and linked in.

See you with another useful content next time and till then good bye and keep learning!


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