Importance of creating hierarchy in CA Firm

Grow by Creating Hierarchy in CA Firm

It’s observed that as CA firm grows small clients get neglected. They start complaining and most of the times they look for other CA firm. Even if this doesn’t affect a firm financially but it’s not a good thing. A small client may connect the firm to a big contact. So firm loses out on this opportunity.

Any CA firm starts with small clients as bigger clients don’t put much trust in new and small firms. As firm gets experience, it starts getting bigger clients. The proprietor starts giving more time to bigger clients, small clients suffer.

When the CA has limited time and naturally he focuses on bigger clients , small clients need not worry. What he can do is he can create a second line of management below him. He can have a hierarchy of managers and assistants. He can train them, have standard operating procedures and ask everyone to follow it strictly.

Hierarchy ensures that work is allotted as per the complexity and importance. Work gets allotted as per complexity. Time and costs is saved.

Many CAs prefer to save costs by not creating a team under them. They feel it will increase costs but actually it’s a wrong thinking. If proper systems are in place, increasing team members actually earns more profits for the firm.


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